Computer Educators Association of Nigeria (CEAN)
The Computer Educators Association of Nigeria (CEAN) is a network of experts in different fields of computer education and practice with the intent of fostering access to ICT skills and knowledge to students at all levels of Education. The Association was born on 27th March, 2013, when a group of computer educators residing in Nsukka and its environs, gathered and considered it necessary to form a national body to promote computer education in Nigeria. It is a forum where issues affecting computer education, applications of computer in education, trends in the methodologies involved in computer education and best practices are discussed ...Read all about CEAN

How to Apply to be a Member

The membership of COMPUTER EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA is open to willing person(s) who must not be of questionable character and also must not have previous record of criminal cases. ...Read more
Room 109, Institute of Education,
University of Nigeria, Nsukka,
Enugu State, Nigeria.
Web Link:,
+2348063279753, +2348038962844
Department of Computer Education,
Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education,
University of Nigeria, Nsukka,
+2348065152587, +2349052022238
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